15 June 2010

Could I pull this off?

Okay, I know this could probably go either way...but I love this look. 

From the unfussy, twisted up hair (which never makes my face look good!) to the simple white summer dress to those SHOES!

 {Image via The Sartorialist}

This summer, I pledge to care less what people may think and throw my outfits together with abandon. 

Frilly dresses and Converse-lovers unite!

Written with love,


  1. I love converse and my monkeys wear em but I have never been a big fan of the high tops- I think the dress converse look would look great with short red or black ones.
    But you will look great in whatever you choose to wear!

  2. YES You could pull it off Lenore. Runners and a cute dress - casual chic!

    Your hair - maybe it would pull up into a cute little pony with some front pieces pulled out to match the laissez-faire look?

    Go for it!

  3. you can! I've been wearing my hair like that everyday a. because i like it and b. because i'm lazy and i don't have to straighten it. one of my guy friends even said he didn't like it but i don't care!!!!! :)

  4. of course you could....tall girls can pull off anything.

  5. I totally agree with shauna, go tall girls! i think converse look especially cute with floral dresses, the ruffles make me a little squeamish :)

  6. Good idea B - I do like a few tendrils to soften the look.

    Thanks for all your encouragements! Now i need to find a cute white eyelet dress...


  7. oh, I love this style. Go for it!


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