10 June 2010

Thursday Blog Share

I've been super into furniture upcycling lately and freshening up used pieces with bold new ideas.  So I'm loving a handful of blogs dedicated to giving new life to old furniture.

If I lived in Austin, Texas, I would spend a lot of time browsing the amazing wares at Spruce Austin.  This fab collective brings an updated approach to upholstery.  Four cool ladies bring their amazing style to this old-world art form.  They also teach classes which I would LOVE to take but alas, I'm way up here in Canada.

GUFF stands for Good Used Furniture Finds and they have a storefront on trendy Queen Street East in Toronto.  They post all the new store arrivals to their blog, with prices and update them once they sell.  If I were furniture hunting in Toronto, I would always start my journey here! Thanks for the recommendation Shauna.

Toronto gal Jelena showcases her transformations on  Poppyseed Creative Living.   She takes gorgeous solid furniture pieces like dressers and side tables and such, and breathes new life into them with her fresh and carefree style.  She sells her finished pieces on Etsy.  I love sneaking a peek at all the amazing before and afters!

Happy Thursday blog reading all!

Written with love,


  1. I always love going to Winnipeg antique and collectibles, and they're currently selling everything in the store at 25% off http://www.members.shaw.ca/winnipegantique/

  2. I always want to do stuff like this - refurbishing furniture...but I feel like I don't have the know how! It makes me excited though, to move back to a house someday so I can do these types of things.

  3. You might also like this one... http://frostedgardner.blogspot.com/

  4. these are awesome. thanks for sharing, love!

    xo Alison

  5. Great post- I have been to Guff (I'm from Tdot) but had no idea that they had a website- there are so many super cool stores on Queen- I'm going to look to see if some of my fav's have websites-


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