10 June 2010

Never forget a birthday!

How many birthdays and anniversaries do you have to remember every year? 

Probably more than you can keep in your head, especially if you've got a significant other in your life! (And most likely you're the one who keeps them all straight!)

 {Images from Linda & Harriett}

Linda & Harriett have the perfect solution!  This birthday calendar or perpetual calendar allows you to pencil them all in for reference year over year.  How smart is that?  And it will look gorgeous on your office wall.  This Brooklyn-based online design shop features a new limited-edition product every month.  Very cool idea!

Written with love,


  1. these are beautiful!! I need something like this because sadly I can't even remember when my parent's or siblings birthdays are. I am always a week or two late. Have a great day!!

  2. Sweet! And as a Brooklynite, stores in my hood sell their products.

  3. I would love to shop in Brooklyn sometime!

  4. Oh my gosh! So beautiful. Do you know if it's available online?

  5. :)

    Nevermind. I clicked and answered my own question.

  6. Love it...am going to check out their site right now...


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