01 June 2010

Function meets Fashion

I love beautiful design as much as the next person...but functionality plays an equal role.

That's why today I am dreaming about my future laundry room.  If something is not functional, I simply won't do it.  And my current laundry room is a scary root cellar.  Lazy?  Perhaps.  But I know myself and if I set it up to make it easy, I know I'll stick to it. One day I will enjoy doing laundry because perhaps my dream laundry room will look like one of these...

{Photos from House and Home}

Don't get me wrong.  I am one of those rare people who love to fluff and fold and press my face into the fresh scent of warm clean towels.  But the room is just not functional, so I tend to put it off.

Take our office.  When we had a cheap wooden IKEA chair, I wouldn't last 5 minutes on the computer.  Then J brought home a plush, faux leather swivel office chair - now he can't get me out of there!

That gorgeous blouse I absolutely must have?  Better not be dry clean only or I'll never wear it.

The lovely casserole dishes I found on sale?  I keep them on top of the cupboard so I can see them, if they were stored in the basement nary a casserole I would make!

Yoga classes that start an hour after work ends?  No way, they have to be conveniently scheduled on my way home or later after dinner.

Heels?  Not if I have to walk more than 2 feet.  Plus I'm too tall.  So goes the ongoing searches for the gorgeous, comfortable flats!

Picky and controlling?  Oh yes.  Do I get things done when all functions are in order?  Oh yes.

When do you choose function over fashion?

Written with love,


  1. I have "a thing" about beautiful laundry rooms, and loved the pictures that you posted. I have never had one, and currently have a laundry pit in my basement. My dreams include floral wall paper, soaps in pretty, glass containers, and no mildew.

    One thing that also makes me happy is new shelf liner.

    I also like spaces and things that are very functional, but unfortunately, it usually takes me a few tries before I am 100% satisfied with the end result. I would love to be an organized person, but alas, I am not. I work in organized chaos. I admire organized people, and love to learn from them...that's why I love your blog so much.

    Love Jess

  2. Great photos! I love the pink laundry room.

    Lovely blog too- SO nice to meet you.

  3. Beautiful laundry salons my dearest. I too like these and just the pure idea of stepping into your laundry room, 40's skirt on, hair done, sun beams reaching in to touch the soft, lavender towels you folded ever so perfectly. What a great dream world these pictures bring with them :)

    I have to say though, while I can't live without functional spaces, sometimes my favourite part of an outfit or a room has to be some of the least functional things in it like the pink retro lamp that doesn't work but will once you fix it or the broach on a jacket that just looks pretty. Know what I mean?

  4. that 2nd one is, like, my dream laundry room. wonderful post!

    xo Alison

  5. This is tough... I so just want the best of both worlds! My goodness though, they did a really spectacular job of making those laundry machines look snappy, didn't they?

  6. haha i loved this - fashion vs. function is definitely a constant battle because i'm such a baby and kind of high maintenance...i like to be comfortable - and the yoga an hour after work...so true. if i go home i stay home! =)
    i love the laundry room with the hard wood floors...

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have great plans for our laundry room (I'm just working on convincing Geoff that a laundry room needs to be beautiful).

  8. I see I have a lot of kindred spirits out there! Thanks for your comments. You couldn't get us gals out of a laundry room if it looked like this...



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