11 June 2010

Books as Art

So we've established that we're all book lovers here!

Continuing the theme, let's talk about where to put all those books we accumulate?  If you're like me, you have them stashed in nooks, crannies and corners with no rhyme or reason.  But I would love to come up with a more stylish solution.  To inspire me, I was checking out Style at Home's feature on book displays.   Aren't these lovely ways to show off your great reads?

 {Images via Style at Home}

Where do you display your books?  Are you a book keeper or a book purger?

I've always dreamed of having a house big enough to have my own library with floor to ceiling books shelves, one of those adorable sliding ladders and huge leather club chair to sit and do my favourite thing!

Happy Friday to you all!

Written with love,


  1. I love the floating shelves with the stacked up books. What a great look!

  2. I am so glad you asked!
    Here is my post where I display the project I did with my books- Making art out of books.
    Could not have been happier with the results-
    I love books!


  3. I have a husge bookshelf like the one used as a room divider....from IKEA....before there were books everywhere....and I like to keep all my books....for future library purposes too....those floating shelves at 12 dollars each at chapters....I see them there all the time

  4. I am generally a book purger. However, I do have a lot of theology books, some Thoreau books I inherited from my grandmother and I love decorating/textile books. So, I'd like a place to keep those things. At the moment I don't really. I think when the kids move out in 20 years I'll have plenty of room.

  5. i am definitely a book keeper. i have a couple bookcases, but also use a gorgeous blue bench, a few old chairs, and some country crocks {the old fashioned ones used for pickling + salting, not the shoes} to store the rest. we also stack books on the staircase. and the kitchen table. basically they're everywhere :)


    xo Alison

  6. I've always been a book keeper, but am now faced with a dilemma of sorts. My husband and I (he is also a book keeper) are hoping to move to Europe by the end of the year for an indefinite period of time. We don't dare keep all that we have and bear the expense of moving them across the great wide sea! But how to choose? It may very well end up being the most difficult part of the move.

  7. Thank you all for sharing! I love hearing what type of book-ies you all are!


  8. KEEPER!

    We have an office in our house with a decent amount of shelving - all CRAMMED full of books of course (with more stashed around the house). My husband hates it and doesn't understand why I need to keep them all, and I regularly do mini-purges to keep the peace and attempt to ensure that most of the collection fits in our existing shelves - but I'm a re-reader and if I love a book, I'll read it dozens of times. Apparently, he's beginning to understand because he actually figured out how to add an additional shelf on top of what I already had so that it almost reaches to the ceiling on one end of the room.

    *happy sigh*

    Like you, I dream of a proper library... Maybe someday :)


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