06 June 2010

The Weekend in Senses

In honour of the blog style of the absurdly creative Allison at And Flowers Pick Themselves, here is my weekend in senses.

Tasting - Fresh, pan-fried pickeral caught right next door, hot sweet coffee on the deck, homeade egg salad sandwiches in the middle of the lake

Smelling - Rain, the fishiness of the harbour, fresh country air

Hearing - Pitter patter of drops on the roof, kids playing outside next door, the whirl of the fan

Touching - The rough wet rope as I tie up the boat, sand as I brush it off my toes, many old memories as I go through old paperwork, letters and photos

Seeing -

And how was your weekend friends?

Written with love,


  1. oo that photo with the wine glass- great!

    I think Allison is super creative too!

    Lovely weekend-

    We spent ours in the pool- it was hot hot hot here.

  2. Hate to admit it, but mine included the Ranchman's, Sex and the City and a BBQ. Girlfriends in town....don't need to elaborate. Thanks for the tranquility xoNat

  3. ohhh i love love anything with boats :)

  4. I wanna taste what you got to taste. YUM!

  5. thanks for the shout out + kind words, my dear! i adore your description under "touching".

    have a lovely day!

    xo Alison


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