23 June 2010

New Editions to the DIY Pile

Keeping on the theme of treasure hunting, that is one of the things I love about sprucing up old furniture.  I love visiting Value Village and searching Kijiji for the next great find!  I've recently added craigslist and Used Winnipeg to my search as well.  I'm often inspired just by coming across a piece I think has potential.  Upholstery is one of the areas that I'm a complete newbie so armed with one of my new books, I picked up a few practice pieces this week.

This black stool was a great find on Used Winnipeg for $15.  I plan to paint the legs white and recover the fabric in a bright, cheery fabric. Because it's a more modern construction, the upholstering was done with staples as opposed to more traditional upholstery tacking.  I think it's going to be a great place to start.

This chair was another great Kijiji find for $15.  The wood is gorgeous but it's pretty squeaky, so J may have to take it apart and tighten up the joints.  My ambitious plan is to strip and refinish the wood and recover the seat.  It's been recovered in the past but it could use more padding and a tighter recovering job.  This one could take a while but I'll keep you posted!

Another thing I plan to do - is put the word out for potential clients who have an old piece of furniture they would like freshening up.  I will assess the piece and made some recommendations on how I could fix it up to match their current home style.  Just planting the bug in your ear...more on that as I get going!

Happy Wednesday to you all and thanks for reading.

Written with love,


  1. that stool will be such a great piece when you are done!

  2. That chair is stunning and I am really excited about this all...How fun!
    Kisses darling and see you soon:)

  3. Awesome! I might need some advice... I'm working on securing a toddler table + chairs set off Kijiji at the moment, and I'm hoping to refinish them for Briony. I'm a furniture refinishing virgin (and really not crafty at all) so it might get interesting :)


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