04 June 2010

Book Lovers Idea

Okay, so the last post was probably a little more than you bargained for on a Friday afternoon.

So now I will leave you with something lovely and charming to look at. Again, I'm not getting married but I do love cool and unique wedding ideas.

Rosemary from Ro Ro Ro Your Blog is a Glamour writer and recently had her nuptials featured on their website.  Since her and her hubby are both book lovers, they came up with this innovative idea for the reception centrepieces. 

{Image from Glamour}

Isn't this just delightful?

Happy Friday to you!

Written with love,


  1. very neat....I think I could do that if I ever got married again...I am a serious book lover and I for sure have engouh books...it is my secret desire that have an actual "library" in my house one day...as part of the addition...

  2. oh, how wonderful + clever!

    have a great weekend :)

    xo Alison

  3. that idea is so perfect, wish i would have seen it for my wedding!

  4. Eeps! I'm just seeing this now. Thanks for the sweet shout out, Lenore! :)


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