22 June 2010

Before and After: Breakfast Tray

Remember Mod Podge?  My earliest memories are of my scottish dance instructor's house and how it was decorated with completed puzzles forever immortalized in Mod Podge.  Yes, I had a scottish dance instructor.  Moving right along.

So I had this old breakfast tray.  And a desire to try my hand at Mod Podge.  So I packed up my 40% off one item coupon at Michaels and splurged on a jar of the 'matte' style.  This was news to me, as I thought glossy was the only way to go!  But they even have a stronger version for furniture.  I picked up some inexpensive scrapbook paper (.99 a sheet) and gave it a whirl...

Voila!  My new tray.  Not bad I think.  A good learning project.  A few lessons learned include - use a thicker scrapbook paper or wallpaper to avoid ripping during the layers of podge.  Also, cut the pages flush to meet at the seam, rather than layering which caused an unsightly bump.  But other than that, I am pleased.  It was a good intro to the shelves I want to line with decorative paper.

Have you ever dived into the land of Mod Podge?  What were the results?

Written with love,


  1. I love modge podge (sorry that's what I call it and I'm sticking to it) - can't live without it use it on most things- I love the glossy though.

  2. What else do you use it for Lady Ren? I'd love to figure out some other uses...


  3. see you're made for stuff like this :)

  4. i initially bought modge podge to make one of those hollowed out books! i love modge podge!


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