21 June 2010

Beauty and the Beach

Blogging is like treasure hunting.  Every day I poke around the web, rummage through my home projects and scan the great outdoors with my camera...looking for treasures I can capture and share with all of you.

Continuing on with the pretty pulls search, I stumbed across an Etsy shop called Beachy Rustica.  It's like it was made for me and my love of all things beachy!  Each item is created using sea beach glass.  How beautiful are these?

{Images all via Beachy Rustica}

What do you love to treasure hunt for?

Hope you are having a lovely Monday!  Thanks for all your amazing feedback on my blog design copy line.  If you haven't already, please take a moment to let me know your vote...thanks so much!

Written with love,


  1. Glad you found these, now you must buy some! =)

  2. super cool...was just introduced to sea glass on my latest trip to the coast...I have plans to do some more looking in Tofino....I love the clear colored knobs.

  3. ooh sea glass, pretty! i love antiquing for furniture, clothes and books. you never know what you will find to inspire you!


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