18 June 2010

Sweet Pulls

Now that I'm doing lots of DIY projects, I find myself hunting for unique knobs and pulls.

I love the simple pewter ones you get at the hardware store.  But I need to think of them more as accessories, that punch of colour or eye-catching design that really makes the piece pop.  I was browsing the very cool options on Etsy and here are some of my faves.  These first ones are old outdoor water knobs, how cool would they look on a distressed dresser?

 {Image via   Sushipotparts}

{Image via riricreations}

{Image via ButtonBistro7}

{Image via Blue Stream}

{Image via  Dreamscape Designs}

Which is your favourite?

Written with love,


  1. fun! I'm torn between the teal birds and the clock faces...they are both so cool but also different styles. Hmmm

  2. Top 2 buttons are my favourites. I think both would create a different look altogether - both equally as neat.

    I really like the girl with the swan but maybe only as 1 mis-matched button on a dresser - or if they had diff pics in the same style, that would be cool too.

    What if you found pulls that were all part of the same colour family and then mis-matched them on an old dresser? Hmmm you got me thinkin!

  3. oh, awesome! i adore the first ones. gorgeous :)

    hope you are having a lovely day!

    xo Alison

  4. OOh the Alice one is def my fave. Anthropologie has amazing pulls, I have no use for them but want to buy them compulsively.

  5. Love the knobs in that first pic! Anthro has some really pretty ones too!

  6. I was at Anthropologie last weekend and had this urge to buy all new knobs even though I don't need them. They are that cute!


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