25 June 2010

Before and After: Living Room Window Treatments

When J and I moved into our house in October, we were pleasantly surprised to discover the existing window coverings were a complimentary match to our living/dining room paint colour.  Changing them up was simply not in the budget at that time!

But as we settled into winter, it quickly became apparent how much these darker, heavy drapes really cast a shadow over the whole room.  So we added this to our ever-growing list of things we wanted to change/update.  Well we finally splurged and I couldn't be happier!  Our new blinds have lightened up the entire space tenfold.

Here's our dark drapes before...

We stuck with our old favourite, the economical 'wood look' horizontal blinds from Home Depot.  The two sets ran us about $180.00 but they really do have a custom look to them.  We posted the drapes on Kijiji in hopes of recouping some of our $$.  The new look is light, bright and really shows off the architectural details of the windows (of of the selling features of the house for us!).

Don't you love making small changes that have big impact?

Written with love,


  1. much, much brighter. brighter is always better I think. Good work!!

  2. I love that change...It looks so much brighter and really shows of the pretty window:)Well done,sweetie:)
    Kisses and have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. when we had a house before we moved, we put faux wood blinds on our huge basement windows - best decision ever - it totally revamped the whole room!

  4. Love light colored blinds... you can close them if you wish to temporarily keep the world out, but the sunshine can still get in. Looks like a very happy room! xo

  5. There's really no need to settle for the everyday decor curtain will find in your local store. There are all sorts of great ideas out there curtain. Hehe.


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