21 June 2010

Turning passion into something more

I'm a book learnin' kind of gal. 

When I want to know about something, I read about it.  I've always been that way.  J jumps right in with both hands.  Me - I say 'hold on a minute', let me read a book about it first!  I've mentioned this a few times, but I really love giving new life to old furniture.  I've dabbled in it over the years and I would really love to one day make it a side business for myself.

I've always loved creative, visual design but it's not something I explored in depth other than the occasional side project (knitting - check, needlepoint - check, watercolour painting - check, calligraphy - check).  I've dabbled in them all but never seriously, because writing was my thing.  Plus when you work with creative and inspiring designers all day (as I do at Fusion), it can be intimidating to think that you have something to offer.  But the older I get, the more I realize how important it is to my soul to be creative as much as possible.  Whether it's blogging, cooking, working on my house or freshening up old furniture, I'm going to try to fill my days with creativity.  So I'm going to put that dream out there, and start figuring out how to make it happen.  I will have a part time business creating new looks for old furniture.  There...I said it.

Of course, I'm going to figure it out by reading books.  Then trying.  And trying again!

Don't tell J but I filled my basket at Chapters today on all kinds of reading inspiration for my furniture projects.  They're having a buy 3, get the 4th for free sale so that helped reduce my guilt!  Here's a sneak peek... 

What gets your creative juices flowing?  What's your longtime dream?

Written with love,


  1. I love, love your plan!! I've also recently made a commitment to myself to be more creative. I'm going to try my hand at different things as well - photography, yoga (I think it's an art form), sewing....Good luck to you and it might be life transforming for you.

  2. You'll be great at it! I love your style-
    I'm also a book learner and dabbler-
    Thanks for sharing!
    I would love to hear what you think about your new books once you've studied them.

  3. You are already so creative! When you dable in re-upholstery ask Sara to help you out...she is a pro at this...she helped me with my dining room chairs...and I actually have way too much fabric left over if you want some...I greatly miscalculated the amount I needed...I have enough left over...for a large couch. My goal is to be your apprentice...just kidding...but I'll help if ou need it.

  4. You will be marvelous at that business...especially if it's something that you are passionate about which you are!!! I'll be watching for your progress!! =)
    I'd love to be a photographer/own some type of boutique that incorporates clothes, unique home things, pictures, etc :)

  5. You are amazing...and so creative:) Let me know which one you liked the best...I would love to read them too:)
    Kisses darling and enjoy your Tuesday

  6. Good for you! I have a major make-over obsession so I definitely love the idea of giving new life to old pieces. Let us know how it goes.

  7. I would LOVE to reupholster/ refinish furniture

  8. Thanks for all the encouragement - I will definitely keep you posted!


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