29 June 2010

Inspiring Pieces

These gorgeously upcycled furniture pieces are some of my inspiration for my own work with Lather Creations.

They come from the lovely and talented Jelena over at Poppyseed Creative Living.  Jelena has been an amazing mentor to me over the last few weeks, answering all my questions about getting into this business.  I love checking out her colourful creations!  Check out her Etsy shop here.

 {All images via Poppyseed Creative Living}

It's all in the details isn't it?  Gorgeous colours with tons of personality, hidden details in drawers, unique vintage knobs...

I hope to be able to present you with furniture of this quality one day.  Thanks for all your help with Lather Creations Jelena!

Written with love,


  1. i adore little details that most people will never see. :)

    xo Alison

  2. Thank you for the sweet post Lenore ;)

  3. I adore both of those pieces...and I really want the pink one...I am in love! Kisses sweetie:)

  4. Lather creations is the name of your business? Love it...did you create these pieces? or are they your inspiration? Either way....very nice indeed

  5. love! the color and the liner especially!

  6. Shauna - yes it is! These aren't mine but you will be seeing my creations in the near future!



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