10 August 2010

Hallelujah! I'm a believer...

This is a bit of a funny story I thought I would share with you - who doesn't need a Tuesday giggle?

So I'm driving home contemplating what I should blog about today (hint - I'm planning my first giveway, more on that later in the week!), feeling ho hum, not much to say, what should I write....when I checked the mail.

There was a HUGE package sticking out of my mailbox and I got very excited thinking it was the giveaway I won last week.  But it seemed pretty big for that.  So I took it in the house and though 'this is incredibly light' .  And then I saw the return address...

And in an instant, I knew.  You know when you just know??  It was my bra!!!!!!!

A bra you ask?  Well, back in March/April-ish, I had to get a new 'everyday' bra.  I've been wearing the same Chantelle Hedona style for a few years now, I hate paying so much but if you got a little extra up top - you know that a good bra is worth the money.  So when I was shelling out way too much money for something that doesn't get seen on the outside (for the record, I buy one and wear it for like 2 years) the woman working at the lingerie store stopped suddenly and said 'wait!  I think Chantelle having a promotion this month to get a free bra!".  You couldn't specify anything but your size and they would just send you whatever they wanted to.

Now, I'm a pretty skeptical person, so the idea of sending in my proof of purchase and just 'being mailed' a $100 bra seemed just a little far-fetched to me (for the record, I try to buy them in the States because they're half the price there!).  But because I was spending so much money, I went through the motions and sent it off in the mail thinking it was going to post lala-land to disappear forever....

Until today!!

And now...I'm a mail-in rebate believer.  I can't even believe they sent me a bra (and wasted sooo much packaging on it), it's my perfect size AND it's even the exact style I wear - just in this crazy Moulin Rouge, boudoir colour!

This definitely made my Tuesday!  Thanks for listening, could you tell I'm a little defensive about my expensive bra?

Have you had any experiences with mail-in rebates?  Are you a skeptic or a believer?


  1. I've never sent one in. Silly me!

  2. I always forget to mail it in- nice bra lady!
    I like the color.

  3. um, do they have minus a.... because there is no way i would fit into that! ;)

  4. That is great! I've never used any kind of mail in rebate.


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