10 August 2010

Banner Day for LC

I'm giddy with delight and you know I love share it all - my ups and my downs...well today is a super UP day - not just because of my bra but Lather Creations had a new customer drop by and take home 3 pieces!

Janique lives in the country with her hubby and 2 little daughters and picked out these for her house.

The Elegant Grey Art Deco Table.

The Shabby Chic End Table.

And the Celery Green Vintage Chair.

I had my doubts about selling on Kijiji, but it's really been about being patient and waiting for the right buyer, because they do come.  Thanks Janique and hope you enjoy your new furniture pieces!

Have a great Tuesday night friends and as always, thanks for listening.


  1. Wow congratulations...your idea of being patient and mine must be a bit different because I have to wait months sometimes for the right buyer, lol...it seems to me you only have to wait days :) Maybe it is my prices...or my pieces...or the miniscule population of our country...or...I dunno!

    Glad you are having a great day...I really shouldn't moan, I have sold a few pieces for great prices lately, still waiting for them to collect them and hand the $$ over though!

    xx Karen

  2. I'm sure Janique is just giddy with what she bought from you...and is telling all her friends about it!

  3. i have come to learn that there is a duyer for every piece. and it is always rewarding knowing that the piece is oging to the right person in the right house. :)

  4. Woo Hoo! Yeah! What a satisfying day.

  5. Congrats Lenore! I'm not sure what you mean by being patient though... this is happening so fast I can barely keep up! xo

  6. Congrats! I love that shabby chic end table!

  7. i LOVE that end table, it definitely screams vintage! i saw a blue one at an antique shop and was sooo close to buying it... but i don't think we'd have the space in our house for it right now. :(

  8. Wow!! What a great day - and just think: your beautiful work will have a place in their home for a long time.

  9. That is amazing! Congratulations, I really do think it is all about finding the right buyer. I'm extra excited since this means more than likely we will see a whole bunch of fabulous new items from you soon. :)

    I'm still keeping the stool in mind but don't hold it by any means. I'm still trying to find the perfect chair/recliner. I'm looking for the right seller. ;)

  10. High five!!

    seriously, that deco table is totally rad.


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