12 August 2010

A Simple Wedding

I'm in love with this simple, homemade wedding I spotted on Once Wed.  The cute couple held the intimate affair in their own home, and it has such a relaxed vibe.  I've never been one for the big frou frou wedding day myself.  Don't get me wrong - I love going to them, I love looking at all the prep and pics and I think every girl should get the exact day she dreams of  - it's just not what I would want for me.

From the pretty cardi to the ballet flats to the hair down, I think this bride and I are sympatico on style.  Her dress is just gorgeous and she looks like such a fun gal to boot!

To read more about it and see all the fabulous pics, you can go here and here.

How is your Thursday going friends?


  1. cute-
    My hubby and I had an engagement party in Toronto then flew out to Vegas and got married at a cheese chapel-
    Exactly what we wanted- just the two of us.
    My parents gave us the option of having a big wedding or a downpayment.

    Can I just say I love my house and the husband!

  2. That is such a sweet wedding...The dress and cardi are adorable and it looks like the whole thing was perfect for them:)

    Love this post:)
    My Thursday is going well...I am so happy that we got a lovely, sunny day here:)

    How about you,sweetie?

  3. SO cute :)

    We felt some family pressure to do a 'proper' wedding, but we kept it around 100 people (small if you consider the percentage of those people who were related to us...) and skipped some of the traditions that didn't have meaning for us.

    In retrospect, I wish I'd just put my foot down and done it in the simple way that WE wanted - but I wasn't that girl who dreamed about my wedding, and so it was easier to just kind of let it happen.

    It was a beautiful day, I'm just sometimes surprised by how traditional it all was :)

  4. that is so precious, i love how the dresses are all diff :)

  5. Ren and Lindsay - thank you so much for sharing some of your wedding memories with me!
    Lindsay, I can completely see what you're saying, so many people want so much for your day I'm sure it would be easier to say 'go with it'! Anja has a pic on her desk of your wedding and you look lovely.
    Ren - I'm totally with you...down payment would be my choice too!


  6. I LOVE this! So simple,sweet & pretty! I love when people stay TRUE to themselves! Thanks for sharing!
    Angie xo

  7. I love the ice cream truck! I could have that parked outside my house all day!! Uh oh ;) My wedding was under a big maple tree in a garden at a historic inn. I loved it and the man I married too! lol! ;)Great post!

  8. i am totally smitten with that dress! perfect.

    xo Alison


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