24 August 2010

New Editions

It was great to have four whole days off of my 9-5, but of course they were spent working on Lather Creations!  It really is true that when you find your passion, it doesn't feel like work.  Ask me that in a few months though...I might feel differently! 

I've got couple of commissions in the hopper.  The first one is for Deanna, who fell for this old pine TV stand I picked up.

She wants it transformed into somethink along the lines of the Modern Blue Small Dresser...

After pics to come soon, keep your eyes open!

I'm also going to be starting on Lindsay's toddler-sized table and chairs set for her daughter Briony.  I'll share some before pics when I pick up the set!

As for new arrivals, you don't think I would go a whole weekend without stocking up on new projects do you?  But of course not, here are the latest and greatest just waiting for their makeovers!

A small coffee table with lovely angles..

A square side table with art deco detailing...

The sister round side table with art deco detailing...

This fantastic single drawer bedside/end table...

And this little bedside table...

I can't wait to get my hands on these, I feel like the squirrel stocking up on nuts for the winter!  If you live in the Winnipeg are and see anything that strikes your fancy, get in touch with me and we can pick out a custom colour for you.

It's busy, busy, busy over here at Lather Creations!  Thanks so much for all your ongoing support, it means the world.

Have a lovely Tuesday friends!


  1. I cant wait to see how you will transform them all...Lovely busy bee:)

  2. can't wait to see what you will do with all those little tables! you've been doing such fin stuff- i can only imagine!

  3. Those are great pieces! I love the two bedside tables the most. Have fun with them!

  4. The round one strikes my fancy, I will be in late Oct.... Let the bidding war start!

  5. That was from me (Amy)

  6. Love the round table. It gets addicting, collecting furniture. You seem to have the corner on the market of little tables!

  7. Ha Amy! I just knew it was you. Can't wait to see you again in the Fall!

    Jeralee - I'm focusing on smaller pieces as I grow my business because I'm limited in workspace. So I figured I would try to make a go of it with smaller pieces and if things work out, I would figure out getting into a bigger space!



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