09 August 2010

Etsy Love: Sometimes I Swirl

Since I love to share my Etsy finds with you, I thought I would turn it into it's own series!  Say hello to Etsy Love...my gush affair with my Etsy faves.

To kick it off, I'd like ot introduce you to Sometimes I Swirl.  Now come on - is that not the best name EVER?  Sarah is a visual artist from the midwest with a very unique point of view.  I love the stark, modern feel of her pieces.

{All images via Sometimes I Swirl}

Aren't they unique?  Not for everyone I'm sure but I think one piece in your home could really create a statement.  You can also check out Sarah's fab blog Hennessey House here.about her adventures in first-time home ownership.

Happy Monday friends!


  1. I kind of love this for a baby room. You know, if I had a baby. One day...

  2. so fun! i love the first one... the colors are so me and the design is fun and spirited!

  3. 'sometimes i swirl' is such a cute name for these!

  4. This is so pretty, gorgeous for stationary or for a fun wall in your home. SO cool!


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