16 August 2010

A Mag for the DIYers

I'm a magazine junkie and I always pick up a few on the way to the lake or on the weekends or...okay, I'm always reading magazines.  When we were heading out to Gimli on Friday I grabbed this one...

Do it yourself is published 4 times a year by Better Homes and Gardens and I have to say -  it was a pretty good read!  A really great balance of DIY projects, beautifully designed spaces and profiles on designers, shop owners and other creative types.  It's a little short but it I came away with some cool ideas so what else can you ask for?

If you love to do your own projects and be inspired by others, I would recommend picking it up!

Have you read any good new mags lately?  I'm still looking for Readymade but no luck yet!  Mind you, it's been awhile since I was in a big bookstore so maybe that's my excuse!

Happy Monday friends!


  1. This looks like a pretty cool mag. I have to say most of the mags I get to see here are several years old! :) But I'm heading to the big capital city tomorrow, planning to get my mag and art supply shopping on!

  2. Really cool mag...I am going to check it out:)
    Have a sunny day,sweetie

  3. i havent heard of that one, i will definitely pick it up next time im at a newstand. sometimes those magazines make me feel wholey incompetent... im a bit afraid.

  4. i love this magazine.....i need to go to barnes and noble and catch up:)

    glad you were inspired!



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