25 August 2010

My very first giveway to introduce PIY Pointers!!

I am so excited to let you all know that I'm planning my very first giveaway to launch my brand new blog column PIY Pointers.  You've all heard of DIY but how about PIY?  This is for all you Paint-it-Yourself-ers out there!  Every week I'll be featuring my PIY (Paint-it-Yourself) tips and tricks to help you be a better furniture painter.  It's also a big thank you for your ongoing support of both the blog and the business - you guys keep me going!

You could win one of my favourite paint brushes - the Shur-Line Eco brush! This is THE paint brush for the green painter.  The bristles are made of 100% recycled polyester materials, the handle is made of renewable bamboo, the metal ferrule is made of recycled aluminum and even the packaging is made of 100% recycled materials!  Some would argue for natural bristle brushes and they do have their place, but I've been loving both the quality and easy clean up of this brush!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know your burning questions about Paint-it-Yourself!  Baffled by paint selection?  Confused about picking the perfect piece to work on? Wondering what's the point of primer?  

Stick around and I'll share new tips with you every week in PIY Pointers.

Good luck and thanks for entering!  Giveaway closes on Sunday, August 29th at noon and I'll announce the winner on Monday, August 30th - just in time to paint that piece of furniture that's been sitting in your garage for winter!  Get painting!


  1. PIY's a new one for me but I could certainly use the tips! Currently contemplating repainting an old nightstand of mine but I'm wondering exactly what I'll need in the way of primer and finishing. I've got the paint picked out, it's just the other steps that need a little help.

  2. How fun!!! I love that giveaway...I would love to know what paints are the best for wood.

    Btw: I am hosting a GIVEAWAY too...so I hope you will have a chance to enter:)


  3. Yay for the blog column and yay for the giveaway! I'd like to know the best way to paint those little crevices without it looking messy? Can it be done without a paint sprayer?

  4. Great idea Lenore and great giveaway! I always love new tips! I'm curious, is it better to sand or use a no sand primer like Zinsser. It seems like sanding may be a waste of time {and more mess} in some cases?


  5. Cool! I could always use a new brush! The only questions I have are hard ones for you to answer. I never know what color to paint something. :)
    please count me in!

  6. Great idea Lenore :)

    (PS You don't have to incl me on the brush giveaway...shipping/handling would sortof defeat the purpose!)

  7. Great! I'm so excited for the P.I.Y. column! I've actually been meaning to ask you about wax... in one of your earlier pieces you mentioned something about finishing it with a wax. I'm interested to know more about the product you use and why it's used.

  8. I hope I win! I am currently using Purdy, but would love to try this one!!! Hope I win and am looking forward to your pointers...I need all the pointers I can get ;)Blah! Alyssa

  9. Yeah for the giveaway!! I was given my father in law's childhood double, wooden bed frame. It is detailed spindles. My question is, do I spray prime and paint it, and/or do I hand sand it and spray paint it, or do I hand sand it and hand paint it?

    Looking forward to your thoughts.


  10. PIY - I love it. I have questions but have felt hesitant to help you, because it might seem like taking a customer away from you. ;) I have lots of questions, some of which have already been asked. I don't know what to start with, how to determine what needs to be sanded, how to tell if it just needs a quick hand sand or full out sanding with a sander, if you have to use a specific type of paint... I think pretty much anything you write about PIY will be helpful!

  11. Er, that should say... hesitant to ask for help from you. I'm never hesitant to refer someone to you!

  12. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog - I check it out every day to see what wonderful new pieces you have. My question would be, have you ever used one of those little foam rollers instead of the paintbrush, and if so, which do you prefer?

  13. HIYA- Great giveaway.
    Um question.
    Well my grandfather who was a painter always picked one shade lighter than what he wanted to color to be- do you have a trick to getting the right shade?

  14. i don't have too many paint questions, but i do want to know what type of paint you use for decirative painting, like the bird/branch, etc? do you still use latex or do you use acrylic craft paint.

  15. I have a dresser (I should send a pic) That is wood and old (antique?) with fab handles. It was painted and I want to do something with it. How do I decide to paint or stain? Paint would be easier (I think) but would I be ruining it if I chose to strip and stain later?


  16. i just don't know where to start! do i sand and prime? can i spray paint the primer? do i use a roller or a brush or both? these are the things i wonder... but i have to find out b/c my thrift store dresser needs some major help!

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