28 August 2010

PIY Pointers: Money-saving Mistints

Welcome to the very first PIY Pointers, for the Paint-it-Yourself-ers out there!  Don't forget to enter the PIY Pointers giveway here if you haven't already.

Today we're talking paint.  Such a small cost for such an amazing transformation!  But if you're like me, you buy a quart here and a gallon there and before you know it, you have a shelf full of half-full paint cans.  The cost can add up.

But if you're not looking for a specific colour, you need to get on the mistint bandwagon!  Mistints are essentially perfectly good, brand new cans of paint that a customer chose to return or not accept once mixed, due to colour.  Not that the colour isn't great, just not what they expected.  So their trash becomes our treasure!

I've always kept my eye out for mistints but I buy most of my paint at Home Depot and my local store doesn't sell mistints.  Then Cathy over at The Far Fifty got me onto designer mistints.  So I started hitting specialty paint shops like Benjamin Moore and ICI.  Wowza!  Tables full of amazing paint colours for a mere fraction of the regular price.  I recently picked up these two gems at my local Benjamin Moore.  They retail for $26.99 a quart and mistints were only $4 each.  Gallons retail over $65 and mistints were $12 each.  They even had the new paint and primers in one, now that's a way to save cash!!

Both are full cans, never been used.  I chose quart each of vivid cobalt blue and a soft, creamy suede.  Fantastic new additions to my paint inventory for only pennies a project!  Plus you get the benefit of a real quality paint (which I normally wouldn't be able to afford!).

I've also heard that some Home Depots do carry mistints, so be sure to check yours.  I called ahead and discovered that one local Benjamin Moore didn't carry mistints, so be sure to check to spare yourself a trip.

So the next time you're starting a paint project and you want to save some money, head on down to your local paint shop and take advantage of fantastic mistint deals.  Painting something for the kid's rooms?  Bring them along and have them choose from the mistints!

Have a great Saturday friends, I'm off to paint some furniture!


  1. Wow! $4.00? I had no idea that they were priced so reasonably and that you could find any decent colours. I painted my entire kitchen (2 coats) with a single quart (yes my kitchen is tiny) and the spare bedroom only took one gallon. I'll be sure to check out mistints next time for sure. Thanks!

  2. What a brilliant idea! Did you watch Meg's vlog? She uses construction grade paint which is cheaper too!

  3. I'm a fan of tester pots (The wee ones BMoore and Home Depot have would be great for some swirly details but the really good ones are from Sherwin Williams. They are MASSIVE. Enough to cover 75 sq feet.

  4. Me too Amy! I can't get over how much coverage you can get out of them. But I tried one of Martha's and didn't love the paint coverage. I will have to check out Sherwin Williams for sure!

  5. What a great idea! I'm definitely going to go the "mistint" route next time I paint!

  6. Love Benjamin Moore paint! Great deals and a good tip. I have been painting furniture like crazy this weekend, and have been trying use up a lot of paint that I had on hand from painting the interior of my house 2 years ago.

  7. Dear Lenore,
    I sure am learning a lot reading your blogs with all your hints and tips as you explore one of your new passions which is fast becoming a budding and thriving enterprise.

    It is more than exciting for your father and I to view your refurbished masterpieces, read about your projects, your finds,and learn about your sources of inspiration. The networking that arising from this adventure of yours is also very encouraging.

    On behalf of your father and I, we are rooting for you. Keep on truckin' girl!
    Love from your Dad and Laura

  8. Aw, what sweet words of encouragement above!

    Thanks for the shoutout, if there's anywhere I can get a bargain, I'm there!

  9. Ooh, I'm going to need to keep that in mind... Thanks for the tip!


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