23 August 2010

The Fall Uniform

It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I wear a 'uniform'.  Not like a work uniform, but that I pretty much wear a variation of the same thing every day.  Basically I've figured out what I feel good in and I'm sticking to it - no apologies!  For me, it's all about flowy tops, jeans, flats and a cardigan.  Yes, I'm a cardigan gal.  So of course, as the weather starts to turn, a girl's thoughts turn to new fall cardi's.  Like this one that I just picked this up from the Gap.  I've worn it once so far on a cool day and I felt very collegiate!

Here are a few others I've coveting...like this cool motorcycle jacket-style cardi from JCrew.

 And this romantic ruffled number from Anthropologie.

What are you wearing to transition into fall?  What's your personal 'uniform'?


  1. I've realized that I wear a lot of black and like you "no apologies". I'm constantly reading articles about adding color to your wardrobe, but I just don't want to. Black is everything I'm looking for- easy, chic, slimming, etc. And with the black I love to wear jeans and boots. Can't wait for fall!


  2. Mmm... I'm all about the fall cardigans + jeans too. And the black. You know you wear a lot of black when your idea of a 'fun' colour is grey ;)

  3. as gorgeous as those all are, i am buying the knock-off style pieces at h & m, and target! though i did treat myself to a clearance sweater at anthro yesterday!

  4. I can't wait to get back into jeans. I made a commitment in the spring that I would not buy new bottoms (pants or skirts) until I'd lost 25lbs. Since I haven't hit that magic number yet I've been going through summer with three skirts, and one pair of shorts that can't be worn out because I got paint on them. All four are near the falling off stage, which is annoying and great at the same time. Hopefully I get past that 25lb mark before winter!
    I love Ricki's and am a big fan of their wraps. Layering is fun!

  5. I usually wear cardis and jeans...Flats are always a must and some cute tees:)
    Really love the top cardi ..Kisses,sweetie and have a great day:)

  6. cute stuff! im a jeans, sweaters, boots girl in fall and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  7. Last fall/winter the sweater vest was my uniform (I cringe). I'm getting so tired of this look... I can't wait to do some shopping for some new fall pieces.

  8. fashion challenged when it comes to clothes here. I am tall - like 6'0" tall, so buying stuff off the rack bacn be tricky with monkey arms and long legs. LOL

    I do like GAP jeans though.

    My uniform is the same. Jeans every day, denim capris in the summer. A t-shirt or polo shirt either long or short sleeve, and ballet flats. In the summer it is flip flops.

    very boring, very functional, not trying to win any fashion contests, that is for sure!

  9. Hey everyone, I LOVED hearing about your uniforms! It kind of made me feel like I can picture you all better now...for those of you I haven't had the pleasure of meeting.

    Jeralee - we are kindred spirits in our search for long pants, I'm 5'11''!!



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