22 August 2010

Delightful DIY: Cool Calendar

The kitchen is the big item on our renovation 'to do' list.  It's a ways away due to both cash flow and priority (our roof is next because what good is a fab kitchen if water is leaking into it??). 

But I"m always browsing around for kitchen inspiration.  While looking through the Martha Stewart site, I came across this very cool DIY calendar wall.  I would love to take one small wall in my kitchen and do this on a slightly smaller scale.

How smart is that?? What a great way to keep track of everyone's activities!  Plus you could add a grocery list, what's for dinner and so much more.  The full step-by-step DIY is here...

What's on your kitchen wish list?


  1. Uppercase Living has some great chalkboard-type items, and I just bought a couple of vinyl ones from wallies.com when they were 50% off. Anything you can erase and re-use is great!
    Our kitchen needs to be gutted. We are constantly debating how to rework it, even thinking of relocating it. I have no idea what we will decide but it's not the top item on our to-do list... which feels a mile long some days.

  2. I really would love to create a calendar like that in my kitchen....Maybe when we will have a child..It would help in keeping everything in order!
    I also would love to get a new kitchen table...a huge one!!!!

    Happy Monday

  3. Looove this! I've been on the hunt for a chic calendar forever. This is the best looking one yet! Much better than the standard issue ones from the office supply store.

  4. I hear you on that Amy! I guess it's time to get used to the fact that the list will always be long...

    Agree Rosemary. Office supply store calendar = BORING!



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