20 August 2010

A Toast to Two Years

Good morning friends!  It's Friday and I'm super excited because I've got a few days off to make an extra long weekend.  So that means of course....sanding, priming and painting...oh my!  Thank you for all your kind comments about the Blue Bird Accent Table, you've spurned me on to try more handpainting.

Today is extra special because it marks two years for J and I (not counting the lost high school years!).  Who knew so much could happen in two short years?  We reconnected, bought a house, adopted our dog Gus, joined each other's families and have grown to be best buds.  I love the ups and I love the downs - thanks for two sweet years my dear!

How are you doing this Friday friends?


  1. So happy to see a post this morning, that means the computer is operational : ). Congrats on the two years to the both of you.

  2. Congratulations! We also celebrated 2 years this past June, crazy how the time flies!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. Yippie you two! Hugs from CowTown

  5. Oh that is so sweet, happy anniversary! Were you together in high school? Cute! That is a gorgeous photo of you two...you look lots younger than your profile photo :)

    xx Karen

  6. Happy Two Years to the both of you,
    It's great that you are marking milestones and making special occasions to celebrate your relationship. There's nothing more important (in my estimation) than relationship building.

    Wishing you and Jack a wonderful weekend and many more happy occasions to celebrate.
    Laura and Dad


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