03 August 2010

Tuesday Painting

J and Gus and I had a lovely little holiday up in Thompson, I can't believe my sweetie turned 35!!  I can still remember seeing him in the hallway in high school for the first time at 15 years old...

Today is all about hanging out at home, puttering away at cleaning and projects.  I finally picked up some spray paint for those brass candlesticks I got at the Salvation Army.

I hit up Canadian Tire to check out my spray paint options and was delighted to find this amazing turquoise blue called Bahama Sea by Krylon.  I know I was gushing about Rustoleum last week but Krylon just seems to have nicer colours!

So I spent the afternoon doing some spraypainting and transforming the candlesticks and the polka dot bench (pics of that to come later!).

I'm absolutely loving how easy it was to take them from brassy to modern!  They look especially great in our living room next to my good friend B's lovely artwork.

Isn't it so nice to work on a project that only takes a day?  It's such instant gratification!

What have you been up to this Tuesday my friends?


  1. oooh, that's pretty!!

    I'm just catching up on some blog reading. Texting the Man and LMAO. Good times.

  2. Those look great! I love the Krylon colours too!

  3. That seems like the perfect blue...what a pretty colour! And a beautiful piece of artwork as well!

  4. these are so cute! i love the artwork, too- beautiful!!

  5. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do... they look amazing!

  6. they turned out so good! i love em :) i saw mark in HS when he was 16 :) :)

  7. They are SO cute! I love all the paint color you picked :)

  8. They are lovely! As I like to say, paint is your friend.


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