30 August 2010

Before and After: Creamy Poppy Side Table

The rain won't stop and it's seriously hindering project new roof!  It's also hindering my ability to get good light for my photos so please give me a pass.  I spent the weekend working on a few new pieces and here is one I'd like to share this evening.

The before is a lovely and sturdy circular side table with art deco detailing.

I chose to step away from my usual blues and greens and try something a little different.  I painted the table in a creamy cafe au lait colour I got from the Benjamin Moore mistint pile.  For the record, it's such a lovely paint to work with!  I accented the piece with a bright and vivid poppy pattern for a shot of red personality.  It was inspired by my sister's living room palette of red and cream and chocolate brown.

If you live in the Winnipeg area and would like to purchase the Creamy Poppy Side Table, you can do so here.

Sweet dreams friends!

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  1. that's adorable! i can see it in a house with cute kitschy vintage style.

  2. I love the colors you chose!

  3. Great new colour palette! Love the poppies! The Benj Moore is good, I love the semi-gloss, seems to be really durable!

  4. Fabulous!
    Doesn't this rain just suck? Matt is on holidays for two weeks and we have tons of outside stuff to do before winter. Go away rain!

  5. uhhhh LOVES it! super great poppy pattern!

  6. Really adore the colour....and the flowers look so darling:)


  7. Love this table. The Red Poppy paper pops so well.

    I'm your newest follower!

  8. Oh man. I LOVE this table. Seriously so very cute!

  9. Very nice! Your transformations make me think about what type of pieces I want to put in my living room & dining room. This would make a great LR side table. I have a few pieces from my grandmother I would love to re-finish (one similar to this round side table) but the main floor is on hold until the basement is all done. On Sunday while the guys were at work I was day dreaming about what colours we'll paint and new furniture.

  10. I am a fan of Benjamin Moore also! Good paint.

    I like your choice of color combinations. You chose a very pretty print to go on the side of the table.

  11. Oooo I wish I could do that ... I probably could if I put in the time.

    You have got some talent on you girl!


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