29 July 2010

Thursday Blog Share: I'm a winner!

Yay!  What a way to start my last day of work before long weekend holidays - by winning an awesome giveaway over at Annie's lovely little blog Twin Yolks.  So this ties in nicely with my Thursday Blog Share, just head over to check out foodie Annie's musings on local growing, pretty things and delicious recipes.

What did I win?  A gorgeous set of custom-made polka dot napkins and a flower fabric pin and clip, both handmade by Kate's Etsy shop Stella James Designs.  She has many pretty things for sale at very appealing prices.  I can't wait to get my package in the mail!

Happy Thursday friends!

I'm off to Thompson with J and the Gus man to visit family (it's both of our hometowns) so I'll be trying to unplug as best I can....but knowing me, I'll still find my way onto a computer!  What are you up to this long weekend?


  1. Congrats, darling!!! Those are beautiful:) Lucky girl:)

    Have a wonderful trip and see you soon:)

    Wish you a safe travel:)

  2. luck you! those are SO wonderful!

    have a lovely trip!

    xo Alison

  3. I love winning things online!! Congratulations!!

  4. lucky, lucky you! those napkins are very cute!


  5. have so much fun! i have a job interview, then im going to a DMB concert with the hubs and besties and then my lil sis is coming to visit!!! PRETTY DARN EXCITED!


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