21 July 2010

Stone Beautiful

I have a thing for beautiful dishes.  Since my twenties were spent single and moving around a lot - I've basically amassed a somewhat colour-coordinated collection of white and blue dishes.  'Somewhat' means that I've picked up a set of deep blue dishes at Homesense, some light blue mugs from the Dollar Store, received a few individual blue gift dishes, a cool fish set of dishes I found at Value Village...and somehow they all work okay.  But just okay.

Since J and I aren't married (no comments from the peanut gallery!), we haven't really been gifted with a nice set or been able to register for one.  Someday....In the meantime, I'm coveting these gorgeous stoneware pieces from ceramics designer Diana Fayt in her Etsy shop One Black Bird.  I would definitely need open shelving to show off these pieces of art!

 {All images via One Black Bird}

Isn't the rabbit adorable?  Sigh.

Did you get or register for dishes for your wedding?  What do you love about them?


  1. I adore those little cups! I registered for every day dishes from Crate and Barrel. They're clear with a bubbly texture. J'adore them still!

  2. William and Ashley- I think everyone in Toronto does that.

  3. For our wedding we got some boring off-white Crate and Barrel dishes but I <3 them because they are a complete set AND they're not from Ikea ;)

    I have friends that registered at Anthropology for dishes and they are way more funky like your choices. So fun!

  4. Didn't register for dishes for my wedding, but did receive a rather boring and functional Corningware set. This was 16 years ago and half of them have broke by now. LOL!

  5. Those are sooooo pretty:) I have a new found love for dishes:) Kisses,sweetie and have a wonderful day:)

    ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  6. Giggling a little bit that we both blogged about dishes on the same day :)

    I totally get you about the single dishes collecting phenomenon (and for the record, I think it's incredibly stupid that people get gifts when they get married and for no other reason - we should either have 'moving out of the house for the first time' or 'first home' showers or nothing at all...).

    Mine now are very simple. White. I forget where they're from - I didn't register for them, but I told my mom which ones I wanted, which is maybe the same thing (hehe). I filled in bowls from Ikea because the ones that technically 'match' are stupid and completely non-functional. I'm a fan of fun placemats, napkins, etc so I prefer to work from a neutral palette. That's just how I roll. And I'm always on the lookout for fun pieces to mix in for serving.

    These dishes you found are GORGEOUS...

  7. the dishes from our marriage are long gone - but i am lusting over anthropologie ones...when i move back to the states that is the first place i'm going to look!!

  8. we registered, but there weren't many options there so we just got boring corelle ones. now we're wanting nicer ones. we've slowly been changing out our corelle...starting with mugs. but, if i could, i would buy all my dishes at anthropologie!


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