01 July 2010

From the kitchen: My own slightly-less decadent cupcakes...

Okay, so earlier I shared the most delicious-looking and unique cupcake recipes.  I was already making my own cupcakes to bring to Canada Day family dinner, so I thought I would share the working gal's version (slightly less work but still fabulous!).

Lenore's super easy carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting:

-1 package Duncan Hines carrot cake (the good kind with the real raisins and carrot bits!)
-Martha Stewarts' 'to die for' creamcheese frosting recipe
-dried unsweetened coconut

Okay folks, it doesn't get much easier than this.  Whip up a batch of oh so easy Duncan Hines carrot cake mix in your cupcake tins.  Meanwhile, mash together 1-250g package of cream cheese with 1/2 cup of butter until smooth.  Mix in 1 cup icing sugar until well blended, then add a splash of good vanilla and mix again.  Spread the frosting over your cooled cupcakes then sprinkle the coconut on top.  Refrigerate to slightly harden the frosting.

Voila!  Easy and delicious. I find when you're going to skimp and use a pre-packaged cake mix, adding a homeade frosting gives it a real 'homemade' feel!

What's your favourite sneaky recipe that's easy to make?



  1. Gawd, those look good. I would do lots of bad things for cream cheese frosting.

  2. these are adorably imperfect.

    hope you're having a lovely day!

    xo Alison

  3. I make a lot of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies because Balazs loves them but I am going to try those cupcakes tomorrow...Yummy:) Btw: I adore you tea pot:)
    Muah sweetie and see you soon:)

  4. I was just whining about how I wanted cupcakes. Sigh. I think I just might have to make them tomorrow!

  5. i am a cupcake LOVER!! i try them in every city that i go to:)....and these look delicious and have my mouth watering for a cupcake today!:)

  6. YUM. Another cupcake lover here. I just make an order from Cakeology for my birthday party next week. I haven't had theirs before, but I'm excited to try them out!

    I'm a *huge* fan of recipes that only look fancy or difficult. I've scored a few cheater cupcake recipes off the Kraft website that fall into this category - including their chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling which always impress people but are seriously so easy even Sarah Palin could make them. (Oops... Can I say that on this blog??)

  7. Mmm. I ate two of these cupcakes last weekend and they were soooo good. I'm going to make that icing soon.


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