11 July 2010

Before and After: Tart Twist Bedside Table

What a weekend!  I've been going non-stop with three fun furniture transformations for Lather Creations, but I still only have one completed project to show you.  The other two are 'in progress'.

Here's a before, a bit of a sad little bedside table I rescued from a student off Kijiji.

It's hard to tell from the pic, but there was chipping paint everywhere due to the table being a nasty laminate.   Of course I prefer to work with wood, but the piece was sturdy and was worth transforming into a fantastic bedside table for a little girl or a teenager, it just needed some more personality.  So I scraped off all the old paint and primed it with an adhesive primer to make the paint actually stick this time!  I gave it several coats of CIL's 'Tart Twist', a super fun yellowish green colour.  Then I sealed the whole thing with wax for a nice, durable sheen.  A vintage-style glass pull gives it that final girly touch!

On another note, I took a deep breath and put two pieces for sale on Kijiji.  No bites yet, but I know I'm looking for a specific type of buyer so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Now I'm falling into bed exhausted, but I should have a couple of other completed projects to show you in the next couple of days.  They're almost there and I can't wait to share.

How was your weekend friends?



  1. Adorable and matches it perfectly!

  2. nice!! i would have such a hard time deciding what to do with a piece of furniture, so good job :)

  3. a business!! where have I been? Will you sell your wonderful creations? I love this little side table. You did an excellent job! GOOD luck in figuring this all out....no problem. It will just take time.

  4. Love the color, FUN! I did that with my side tables at my bed side too.
    Two old black Chinese tables lacquered them kelly green...love, love!!

    Come check out my blog and shop my store, ELVintage.

    xx Emily

  5. Very cute....love the bold color choice and love the fancy handle...

  6. What a fun color! And it goes perfectly with that lamp on it. You did a great job rescuing that little piece! :)

  7. WHICH adhesive primer? I'm dying to paint a shelf I have that is laminate but don't want it to flake off! Love this!!!

  8. Very interesting! ALL very cute, and wish you lots of luck selling them. Hope you start a new business in Wpg. (Haven't read the whole blog, so maybe that's your plan. Just saw your items on KIJIJI and thought they must all be from the same artist). You are very artistic, and love the bold and pastel colors - all really sweet. Keep posting them, and someday I may just be over to pick up a few pieces for my cabin!

  9. I LOVE it!!! I am going to use this piece for inspiration, the colour is great and I have never seen a knob work so well! This redo is right up my street :)


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