24 July 2010

The weekend so far....

Here's to lazy Saturdays!  It's gorgeous out and I've been having a wonderful weekend.  Here's what I've been up to...

Like lots of painting!

Like delivering the beachy blue accent table to Lisa, who purchased it for her kid's playhouse and was kind enough to send me a pic.

Like getting ready for Jen and Ryan's wedding tonight!  Should I wear the summery red dress or the elegant black dress?

How is your weekend going so far?


  1. I vote for the Summer dress - after all, Summer is so fleeting in MB, you will hardly find an excuse to wear that with Sorels :)

  2. elegant black!
    i painted a whole huge wardrobe today...needed lather creations! :)

  3. I vote for the summery dress as well. However, you may very well already be at the wedding!

    The blue table is cute.

  4. I vote for the black one as well. Thank you for taking the time to delivering the table.. We love it!

  5. I think summer dress gets my vote:) Have a fun time tonight and that is such a cute blue table:)

    Muah darling and see you soon:)

  6. mine is/was super fun. i didn't get as much studying done as i needed to, but i did take a lot of photos, so...i'm okay with it.


    LOVE that shade of blue!

    xo Alison

  7. I love weddings! Hope you had fun.


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