10 July 2010

Smart Storage

Happy weekend to you all! 

I'm a little bit obsessed with figuring out storage solutions for my 100-yr old house.  How is it that when we viewed and bit on the house, I did not notice that it had only one teeny closet in the whole entire place?  Blinded by house love I guess!

Well I've been looking around at how to keep things organized, and I came across these amazingly pretty wall hook shelves by Old New Again on Etsy.

They have a hole drilled in them with a mason jar to put fresh cut flowers, hair elastics or anything else you want to stash.  How smart is that?

 {All images from Old New Again via The Storque}

I'm getting down to business on my projects so watch for updates soon. How will you be filling your time on this gorgeous Saturday?



  1. I just LOVE the idea of built in mason jar vase!

  2. oo i love the red one, that is so pretty. i bet your house is awesome! in switzerland our flat comes with no closets, we had to buy wardrobes. it's silly!

  3. OMG...love it and Kris and I are looking for some hooks...will for sure check it out!


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