19 July 2010

A Place for Every Bauble

Where do you stash your jewellery?  If you're anything like me, it's in a pile on top of your dresser.  Not that I have 'fancy jewellery', but I love earrings and long necklaces and they must be in my eye's view in the morning in order for me to remember to put something on!  But they are in desperate need of some organizational TLC.

That's why it was such good timing for Krystal over at Village to send me the link to this most fabulous jewellery armoire.

 {Images via Little Green Notebook}

I just love all the nooks and crannies and hanging bits and drawers.  It's chic meets Type A!

Where's do you keep your jewellery?  Do you need to have it 'in sight'?  Any jewellery storage solutions you can share with us?


  1. I actually need a space like that!! :)

  2. That is so great!
    The jewellery I wear often gets hung on the branches and roots of a fake potted orchid plant in my washroom.

    Have a great Monday :)

  3. aw you're too fun, thanks for mentioning me! i wonder if walmart ships to switzerland?! ...and for really cheap. that would rock :)

  4. I'm the same way with my jewelry. I have a box like that one but the one in the picture looks so much better in white.

  5. i've always wanted a proper jewlery box, but instead have used a little office supply desk cubby thing and a few antique plates to store my goodies for a few years now. that armoire is dazzling!

    xo Alison

  6. I can totally understand. I have TONS of vintage jewelry!
    Your blog is beautiful. So happy to find you!!!
    Come check out my blog and vintage store, ELVintage.
    XOXOXO Emily :-)


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