28 July 2010

Spray Paint Love

Is it too geeky to express how excited I am about this new Rustoleum product?

It's called Univeral and it's being marketed as providing more coverage with less spraying, it can spray from every angle (even upside down!) and it has an ergonomic comfort nozzle (because there's nothing worse than spray painting for an hour and leaving a painful nozzle imprint in your finger!).  You can use it on everything from wood to metal to wicker!

I just picked up these basic brass candlesticks on the weekend at the Salvation Army and I can't wait to try this new product on them...just have to find out where it's sold! 

Anyone know where you can find it in Canada?  Walmart and Home Depot seem to carry only the basic line, but I'd love to get nicer colours and cool new finishes like this one.


  1. I dont have a clue but I really like that idea:)

    Love your creativity:)

  2. i just saw this at my home depot....and have thought about trying it....i'm such a krylon girl ! let me know what you think! :)


  3. ooo, what color will they be?!


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