15 July 2010

Thursday Blog Share: Transform your Photos

Okay, it's not really a blog.  It's a website.  But it's still Thursday and I'm still sharing!  It's a very cool photo editing site called Picnik.  I was noticing the amazing photography over at Knack Studios and blogger Barb told me was using Picnik to edit her shots.  So I checked it out and I'm hooked!

You can make your photo luomo style with cute writing on it...

You can change colour tones and do creative cropping...

You can switch to sepia and add a drop shadow...

For some of you, this may be old hat, but the whole photography thing is pretty new to me.  So I was super excited to find such a user-friendly site to boost my shots!  Everything I've shown you (plus much more!) is free or you can upgrade to a premium membership for about $25 a year.  This includes many more effects and features.  Plus you can easily share your shots with Photobucket, Picasa, a zillion social mediums and pull different types of code depending on what you're doing.

Have fun playing with your photos, you could get lost for hours doing this!

Happy Thursday friends,


  1. Cool discovery - sounds perfect and really helpful for your blog pics!
    xo B

  2. you should also check out Rollip!

  3. Oh YAY! Thanks for posting!!

  4. That is a great tip...Thanks sweetie...I love playing with the photos:) Kisses and have a lovely day:)

  5. Picnik is AWESOME. I'm rubbish when it comes to photoshop so Picknik has been such a lifesaver. :)

  6. wait, wait, wait!!! do you need to be really tech savy to do this? I'm intimidated to say the least - but how COOL!! You made butterflies in my stomach.....so much to learn...yeah!!! thanks so much for sharing this.

  7. Absolutely NO need to be tech savvy, I'm the last person you would call that! Go for it - you will love it.


  8. it's addictive - post processing photos. i have to stop myself from editing any of the photos i put on the blog, but all the pictures i scrapbook are edited for sure!


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