17 July 2010

Rainy Days and Thrifty Adventures

I woke up early to rain and thunder this morning.  With J and Gus away for the weekend, I had big plans to work on projects, read in bed, putter around and eat cookie dough.  The universe must be trying to send me a message - to just relax!!  It's so hard, especially knowing that winter will make it that much more difficult to deal with the furniture. So I'm stockpiling this summer! 

It's also hard because I got some really cool finds last night...but it was quite the adventure!  I had seen several postings on Kijiji for fantastic antique furniture from the same lister, about 45 minutes outside of the city.  Since I was on my own, I headed out there after work yesterday to check out what he had.

It was seriously like an episode of Hoarders meets the most amazing antique furniture collector.  Next to his small house was an oversized metal shed about the size of a high school gymnasium.  It was litterally packed from floor to ceiling with antiques mixed with junk and crap.  There were narrow gaps to get through to see everything and you were walking on old pieces of upholstery, rags, pieces of old wood, etc.  Two levels!  Much of the furniture was so beautiful and heavy that I really wish I had the cash or the space or the means to take it.  But it was overwhelming.  He said he was moving to BC in a few weeks into a bigger space but I can't imagine anything less than a bulldozer would be able to clean that up.  I didn't dare take photos, it was all a little scary.  It also freaked me out in that I thought that might end up being me if I don't sell my stock and it starts to pile up in our spare room!!  I think I'll be doing some cleaning today...

I did manage to score a few great deals, all super solid and all wood.  I'm just stripping and sanding the pieces at this point so if you see anything you like that you want painted custom for your space, just drop me a line!

I love the intricate carvings on this console table.

The clean lines of this art deco piece will look great in a modern colour.

A super solid bedside table.

I also picked up a few good deals at a local Bible Mission Thrift Store having a 50$ off sale.   This could even double as a small dresser in a kid's room.

Love the spindle legs on this bench and I love searching out nice new fabric!

How are you spending your Saturday wherever you are?


  1. Good finds! I went out yesterday but I was a little too picky and didn't come with any furniture:(

  2. What great finds- I am loving the design on the bedside table!

  3. My favorite is the art deco one, hope you show a photo of it when completed!


  4. I totally would have gone with you! Shannon had some good finds in her backlane yesterday...but I was on my bike and had no where to put them...they are probably gone by now...how was your summer people book? Any good?

  5. my sat. is also very rainy!! i thought of you when i saw this pretty jewelry stand: http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2010/07/lonny-jewelry-armoire.html

  6. The Hoarders comment had me laughing out loud. That show always makes me go on a purging rampage through the house. LOL

    I love the first table that you picked up and I can't wait to see what it evolves into.

    I went garage saling this morning... Didn't find much.

  7. i love the bedside table, i can't wait to see what you do to it :)

  8. Love that little stool. So many possibilities!

  9. Thanks Jeralee for understanding the compulsive need to clean after watching it!

    Shauna, the book is ready for you to borrow!


  10. I'm interested seeing your creative mastermind work on the art deco one as well... no pressure ;)

  11. Wow. Can't wait to see the "after" photos!


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