09 October 2010

Happy Weekend

Good morning lovely friends!  I hope you're having a great day so far.  What's on your weekend agenda?  The weather continues to wow and amaze here in Winnipeg so J and I are puttering around the house working on projects and just enjoying the fall weather.

A big thank you for all your feedback on the direction of the blog.  I was somewhat surprised ti find how many of you like it just the way it is!  I guess it just goes to show that sometimes my own inner insecurities can get the better of me and I should feel more confident in what I'm doing here.  Thanks for reminding me of that!  I'll continue to incorporate the things you're enjoying and as for limiting the 'God talk', well I can't think of a single time I've ventured down that road :)  But if I'm feeling the urge to talk about something, I would hate to censor myself - just as you would too.  Let's take this blog one day at a time okay?

I have another commission from the wonderful Jeanette, you may remember her from the Crisp White Table I recently completed for her.

She's brought me a low dresser in need and I'm looking forward to turning it into a special Lather Creation.  It's a big baby and I'm planning to paint the drawers to take away some old smells, so I'm psyching myself up to tackle it.  I should get a good start on it this weekend.

Since it's the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada, I'm looking forward to plenty of chill time!  For me, this will involve...
  • Plenty of park time with Gus the pup
  • Eating cheesecake in bed while watching Season 1 of Californication
  • Baking those super easy banana muffins again because they're soooo good
  • Spending Monday with mom, sis, brother-in-law and the kidlets eating take out Thai food for an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner
  • Cleaning the bathroom (ugh!)
  • Reading the new issues of Fresh Home and Coastal Living that I just picked up (hey - a gal can dream!)
  • Working on a super exciting project I have in the works that I can't reveal yet cause I don't want to jinx it!!  I will share as soon as I can.
Yup, a packed weekend of almost all good stuff!  How about you friends?  How will you be filling your time?


    1. Sounds like a perfect weekend plan. I love having a long weekend at this time of year especially when the weather cooperates!

    2. that white table is so nice, i love the flower print :)

      enjoy your weekend & your cheesecake!

    3. It's always a good sign when you get repeat business! congrats friend!

      If I could put my two cents in about your blog.... continue to share about what YOU love, and what inspires YOU.....whether it be furniture, design, life....etc.....a great blog is the perfect mix of personal and pleasure. Don't ever worry about numbers...but rather truth and relevancy!

      you are doing a great job!

    4. Hope you have a great weekend! That little white table is one of my favorites so far, I'm excited to see how the dresser turns out.
      We have big plans involving major furniture moving and building a desk! We are swapping our study and dining room after living here for six years. I hope it works out because it's going to be so much work!
      Continuing to love your blog :)

    5. Ooo, I can't wait to see how that turns out :)


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