25 October 2010

Inspired by...Alice Supply Co.

I have a secret confession on this Monday afternoon.  I don't love to clean.  I do what I have to in order to keep our home in good order, but I would get a mere 'satisfactory' if graded on it.  No A++ for this gal in that area.  Luckily J is my partner in crime when it comes to house upkeep and general maintenance.

But I wonder if I would like it better if I had some girly-designed tools and cleaning supplies to use?  How delightful are these by the Alice Supply Company?  I stumbled on them over at The Neotraditionalist and I just couldn't resist sharing.  So the big question is...do you think the work would go quicker if my tools were cuter?

 {All images via Alice Supply Co.}

Do you care what your tools look like or are you a 'just get the job done' kind of person?

Have a lovely rest of your day my friends!


  1. Ohhh I would really love to have a set of those cuties..Have a great one!

  2. Ha Ha! No way! I still hate housework. But, if my electric sander was girl-sized and easier to use, that would be fantastic! And cute wouldn't hurt.....

  3. I have the broom- It is rainbow colors- the dust pan broke a LONG time ago- broom still going strong!

  4. Hmmmmm...those are cute but...nope still hate housework!

  5. I would be excited to have them, but chances are, they won't help me clean! haha :)

  6. these are super cute! but for me, it probably wouldn't help me clean...i wouldn't want to get them dirty haha!

  7. Ah making housework fun. Super cute!!!



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