14 October 2010

Thursday Blog Share: Ana White

Hey you!  It's Thursday which means we're very close to Friday...

For our blog share today, I'm excited to introduce Ana White.  This Alaska-based stay at home mom taught herself woodworking in an attempt to furnish her home on a limited dime.  She keeps a collection of design plans on her blog, so you can follow along her easy DIY steps for building everything from simple shelves to intricate bedframes. She even includes plans on how to build collections inspired by pricey shops like Pottery Barn. Love her!

I know, I know!  Woodworking??  I was a little skeptical too - but Ana holds your hand with the lowdown on power tools, what to look for in a piece of wood and what to say to the guy in the lumber aisle at Home Depot!  I know she can convince you that you have a little Power Tool Gal in ya!

If you have a hankering for your own homemade wood furnishings, check out her blog!

Have a lovely day my friends...


  1. I'm a little obsessed with this blog already! I really want to make the Pottery Barn Hyde tables for our family room. And a daybed for J's room. And a new headboard for our room. And...well you get the idea!

  2. I am going to check it out for sure:) Thanks, she sounds wonderful:)
    Kisses and yay to Thursday

  3. yes, woodworking sounds intimidating, i must check this out :)

  4. p.s. i just found this fabric shop and thought of you :) http://proudmary.org/collections/

  5. Ana's blog is so great! Now I want to get into making my own furniture... or asking my dad to make it for me :) He's created great pieces for the gallery for me just based on our combined sketches. No I have real instructions. Whoohooo!


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