29 October 2010

Found - the perfect hat!

Happy Friday!  For the past month or so, I've been on the lookout for a new fall/winter hat.  Is it cold enough where you are to need to add a cozy hat to your wardrobe?  It is here my friends!

My criteria was pretty specific, I love chunky oversized knit berets.  But not the ones that are really tight around your head!  My winning hat needed to be stretchy and comfortable.  Of course I love the blues and greens, so I was looking in that colour family. My coats are mainly brown and black so they both go with pretty much any colour.  Well...I popped into Old Navy on a whim and found my perfect hat for only $14.50!  Score!

It's soft and chunky and the most gorgeous dark teal colour.  It fits perfectly and I couldn't wait for snow so I wore it yesterday when it was 2 degrees.  Cold enough!  I don't usually post a lot of pics of myself but I've been wanting to update my profile so I thought I would snap a few pics.  Here's my perfect hat in action!

See how I sneaked Gus into the pic...I just think he makes every shot look better!

How are you keeping your head warm this winter?  Do you love the classic toque, pompom and all?  Or do you go for more of a chic newboy or bucket style?  If it's hot where you are and you're wearing a sun hat...I don't want to hear it!  Just kidding, brag away!

Have  a great day friends!


  1. Well done, that is a very cute hat and I adore those photos:) I am planning to get myself a grey colour hat with pom pom..I hope I can find one too
    Enjoy your Friday

  2. Love the pics! And the hat. It's hard for me to find hats too, I think I have a small head or something. I finally found some at Zellers that fit perfect so I got a few since I tend to lose winter apparel.
    The pup looks cute too!

  3. Very cute hat, I want one. Beautiful photos!

  4. Aww you are so cute L- and so is your little dog- Great photos- and lovely hat!

  5. it's adorable on you! the color is just gorgeous!

  6. CUTE. I don't do hats - a completely ridiculous statement from a lifelong Winnipeg resident, I know, and I can admit that I FREEZE all winter long without one. I'm considering trying again this winter. Maybe I'll check Old Navy!

  7. The hat is fabulous...the colour is perfect and so is the model wearing it. You do the hat justice and the hat certainly enhances "your look". The photo of you and Gus, well that's a keeper for sure.

  8. That IS perfect! It looks so darling on you!

  9. Aww, you look super cute in your new hat :)

  10. Last year I splurged and bought myself a bomber hat - and it makes me so happy! People smile because it's a little bit silly, but I smile because it's oh-so-warm.

  11. I LOVE that hat! What a gorgeous colour! And how cute is your little one?! Just adorable! I love to wear hats but just find that there are not enough opportunities in my life to wear them!


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