01 September 2010

You've got Mail!

My business card cozy just arrived in the mail from Destination Handmade!  Yay, who doesn't love getting mail (I know, I've tooted mail's horn before!)?  I must say that my first Etsy purchase gets an A+ from start to finish.  I especially love the experience of getting a package like this.  It's almost a series of delightful little steps.

From getting the post and feeling that tingle of excitement...

To opening it up and finding it wrapped in pretty packaging...

To unwrapping another layer and finding a sweet note...

To pulling out the note and taking a peek at a the business card...

To putting my own cards in and taking my new business card cozy for a test run...

Love it!! 

Thank you Etsy and Destination Handmade for making my day.  I will be an Etsy shopper for life!


  1. It looks great with your cards, really special!

  2. they look fantastic! now you are really offical!

  3. Getting mail is the best - especially something as cute as that! And your cards look GREAT!

  4. awww its so cute!!!...I love getting mail:)

  5. So cute, love your cards too. I can't wait to have cards made up. I need to settle on a name first...


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