09 September 2010

Thursday Blog Share: Creative Inc.

My books are here!  My books are here!  My heart goes pitter patter when I splurge on a Chapters order and yesterday was one of those special days. 

Normally I love the browse the shelves and pick out books in person but I was specifically looking for Meg Mateo Ilasco's books Creative Inc. and Craft Inc. and they weren't in stock locally.  Plus since I had to graciously bow out of my book club due to scheduling conflicts, a gal pal and I decided to do our own book thing over coffee and our chosen book Secret Daughter was on special sale online!

But back to Meg - she's the author of two books on owning your own creative business.  Craft Inc. is all about turning your homemade goods into profit and Creative Inc. is for creative freelancers looking for business advice.  With Lather Creations, I kind of fall into both camps since I do my own thing plus commissions.  I'm so jazzed to curl up with both these books and gobble up all the fantastic wisdom she has to share from turning her stationery-making skills into a full-fledged biz. 

You can check out Meg's site here and her blog here.  She is going on a blog tour, guest posting on a number of great sites so there's an opportunity to find even more great sharing blogs!  Hope you enjoy as much as I am!

Have a great Thursday friends!


  1. Can't wait to hear about Meg's books more as you read them- I just read the secret daughter a few weeks ago and enjoyed it!

  2. I love new books! I should look into joining a book club, I would probably really enjoy it. Please let us know how you like your new books!

  3. So happy that you got the books...I am also waiting for my delivery..I would love to know if you liked them...so when you read them, please let me know:)

  4. I am a huge fan of meg's and have both of her craft inc books. I have yet to get the new creative inc book.....but will be sure to check it out now! :) New books and new shoes....what could be better!! hee hee!


  5. Whooo! Who doesn't love it when their books arrive!?!

    I love this little post. Lemme go check out Meg's blog.

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  6. Those books sound great...I'm a sucker for craft books. Make sure to let us know how they are!


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