08 September 2010

Welcome Cozy

I love the changing of seasons.  I always have.  Even as a little girl I would get so excited at all the rituals that came with each one.  For me, fall was always about cozy warmth and the return to routine.
{Image via gracehesterdesigns}

J and I are quite ritualistic so we welcome many of the natural changes, like...
  • swapping popsicles for hot cups of tea in the evening
  • turning off the AC and snuggling under the duvet
  • a return to comfort cooking like giant pots of soup, savoury stews and baked pastas smothered in piping hot cheese
I also eagerly await the slowing down of social activities like weddings, parties and weekends away to spend more time at home.  Not that I don't love all those things, but sometimes change is just want to need to refocus on all that fills your plate.  My plate has found itself very full lately, with so many rewarding creative things.  I hope to enjoy every moment and also balance summer's hectic pace with a more relaxed work/life balance in the fall.

1 great day job + a budding part-time business + daily blogging +  lots of DIY creativity + plenty of family time with J and Gus = fulfillment and joy

What are you most looking forward to for fall?  What are your routines as the weather cools and the seasons turn?


  1. I love fall...We do change our routine a bit too...Starting off with comfort food and soups...I love cream soups that Balazs makes...to movie nights and baking:)
    That post made me so happy about fall:)Thanks

    ps: I am hosting a really cute GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ( I think its something you will really like)

  2. It's time to break out the crockpot for some roasts and chickens!
    And cute scarfs and leather boots!

  3. yayy i can't wait for the comfort food..soup. yum!

  4. mmmm cozy blankets, stew, crisp morning air, new fall jackets and boots. The only bad thing about Fall is that the deep freeze comes next.

  5. fall is my favorite season! i am looking forward to saturday mornings spent sipping coffee as i watch my kids soccer games, collecting leaves in fun colors when we go for walks and filling glass jars with them, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and trips to the pumpkin patch!

  6. i definitely welcome the change that fall brings. and this year will be more change than ever around our house with kent going back to school. it doesn't look like life will be slowing down anytime soon though! sigh.

  7. I *heart* fall. This is my very most favourite time of year (as evidenced by the fact that I'm roasting a chicken and drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte in a sweater AND a scarf right now). I love everything about a return to home and coziness and routine. Nerdy, I know, but I never claimed to be cool :)

  8. I hear you! Bring on the comfort!!!
    xo tash

  9. Love this comforting post and your look at the changing seasons. Hope you get lots of homebody time working on creative projects in the coming months!

  10. Oh I love the coziness of fall!


  11. "giant pots of soup, savoury stews and baked pastas smothered in piping hot cheese"

    Yes please! Sounds like our house - we actually made a turkey with all the fixings this weekend. Yum!

  12. Thanks for using my poster as a visual and for the credit. :o)

    I am looking forward to baking. :o) It feels too hot to bake in the summer so fall-time baking especially with the approaching holidays, and with my two girls, is just lovely.


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