11 September 2010

Etsy Love: Garden 22 Design Studio

Happy Saturday morning!  The weather has cleared up a bit and I'm already deep into painting mode, while drinking copious amounts of coffee.  I hope to have some reveals to show you tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some Etsy Love.  I'm always drawn to organic, nature-inspired motifs whether it's in home design, art, jewellery or whatever.  Take a peek in my jewellery box and you will find leaves, little birds and natural wood nestled together.  I was so pleased to find Garden 22 Design Studio on Etsy.  They have many lovely handmade goods to offer but I was especially taken with their line of nature-inspired jeweller (of course!).

 {All images via Garden 22 Design Studio} 

Aren't they so earthy and beautiful and perfect for fall?  Coveting!  What are you coveting this season?  Does your jewellery seem to follow a style that's distinctly 'you'?

Have a lovely Saturday friends!


  1. The acorn is so cute! I also love the oak leaf on the Etsy site.

  2. Such lovely items in this talented Etsian's shop!

  3. I just came across this! Thank you very much for the feature, I am honored!

  4. In general I don't wear jewelry that often. But I am loving that necklace in the second shot - hanging on the tin cup. Soo pretty.

  5. What wonderful features! I love those lavender earrings!


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