13 September 2010

Giveaway weekend and other fresh finds!

This weekend was a free giveaway weekend here in Winnipeg.  They've done a few in the past year and half and they've been hugely successful and keeping great used items out of the landfills.  One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!

I was busy painting most of the weekend but I thought I would troll a few streets on my way to get groceries.  Imagine my delight to only drive one block from my house before I found this!

Aren't the little round feet just adorable?  The shelves need a little TLC but when it's free, who cares?  I think J and I might keep this little guy for ourselves, with so little storage areas in our wee house I could use a place to store my never-ending library of new books!

I also did some regularly scheduled thrifting this week for new furniture pieces and picked up these great pieces.

A set of solid wood chairs just waiting to be reupholstered with my new fabric from South Africa perhaps??

And a set of tres ugly side tables that I'm thinking of trying out the 'oh so of the moment' chevron pattern on...

Hey Winnipeggers, did you check out the free giveaway weekend?  Any good finds?  For the rest of you, have you come across any great thrift items that have excited you lately?

Have a great week!


  1. Love your finds...I bet you will make each and every of those treasures into amazing pieces that someone can truly enjoy:)...Kisses,sweetie
    Wish you a great Monday:)

  2. Love those freebies! The feet on that little bookshelf are adorable!
    This weekend is our "Diversion Days" so hopefully some great treasures to be found!

  3. free finds are the best....and the little feet are perfection on this little guy! :)


  4. these are awesome finds...and free! you can't beat that! my friend and i stumbled upon a free item as well this weekend! it's a funny story...you can read it here:


  5. hope you're having a lovely monday, dear!

    xo Alison

  6. Great finds!

    I scored big time from down the street last thursday- My husband LOVES it when I bring trash home- JJ- he hates it but loves me.


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