19 September 2010

Supply Stash

Oh the best laid plans....where do the weekends go so quickly?  I'm not as far along as I wanted to be in my projects so you'll have to wait another day or two for the reveal.  But that's life right?

In the meantime, I like to leave you with a few more studio shots.  I did a Value Village trip yesterday in hopes of dressing the place up and found these fun containers to hold all my supplies.  All for only $.99 each!

Pretty antique milk bottles and mason jars for paint brushes...

Sleek and modern galvanized steel containers to stash away supplies like paper towel, tools and sanding sponges...

And these fresh and fun metal buckets in a rainbow of sorbet colours, perfect for all kinds of little knicks and knacks like my stapler, scissors, measuring tape and an endless supply of foam rollers...

I find the thrift shops and dollar stores are ideal for picking up storage supplies.  Plus the more organized I feel, the better I am at focusing on the task at hand.

How do you keep your craft/hobby/business supplies organized?  I'd love any of your tips!

Have a great Sunday evening and a fantastic week ahead.


  1. Hi Lenore, I can totally relate, I did a big spring clean of my workspace over the weekend and today feel so much more in control. The tip that came to mind right now, is I very rarely wash my brushes, I wrap them in plastic cling film and keep them in the fridge, it saves so much time and mess and they last this way for months and months. I just sit them in a plastic ice cream container and when I can squeeze in a few minutes of painting, I just grab my brushes and go!

    xx Karen

  2. i always go through spurts where i get everything organized, but two weeks later it is a mess again... i am really not very good at keeping my workspace organized. i did get pegboard and have all my tools that i frequently use hanging on that, and it was the best idea ever! and i actually keep up with it!

  3. i love the milk bottles and mason jars, so pretty! i'm not a crafty girl... but i wish i was ;)

  4. Those mason jars are so pretty! What a clever idea!

    I know what happened to the weekend right?!


  5. getting organized and setting up your creative work space is so fun!!

    love it!


  6. organization is vital to me or i just give up on everything :) i love the glass jars so much!


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