12 September 2010

Before and After: Fresh Turquoise Farmhouse Chair

Last week during one of my regular thrifting excursions I came across this gem.  I particularly love finding amazing antique chairs and punching them up with bold and vibrant colours.  I knew I had a winner with this one due to it's super solid construction, it even had a faint outline of the original furniture maker burned into the underside.

I chose this super happy turquoise colour, it's actually paint I had leftover from when I did the bathroom out in Gimli a few years ago.  Sorry I don't have the colour name but it was Rona's house brand of paint and I loved working with it.  It's a latex paint with a melamine finish for kitchens and baths and it gave the chair the most perfect satiny finish.  I did my regular process of a light hand sanding followed by two coats of water based primer, three coats of paint and two coats of water based poly finish for a super seal!

Of course J is trying to convince me to keep it in our house but we're all full up, thanks very much!

If you live in the Winnipeg area and are interested in purchasing the Fresh Turquoise Farmhouse Chair from Lather Creations, you can do so here!

Now back to work...


  1. I love this chair! Fabulous colour! Angie xo

  2. What a nice job, again! You are very talented there girl. Of course, you live too far away for me to buy your work, but I love viewing it! ;)Alyssa of BB

  3. Or you could keep it in my house! I love that blue! And how many times you primer, paint and seal it, for sure it's gonna last! Wish I lived in Winnipeg!

  4. this is such a happy chair. you do sucha great job staging, too. it's perfect! also, wanted to say... i am going to make a big sign that says slow down and maybe out it somewhere. i feel the same way sometimes i just rush all over and don't take time to just be. (insert deep breath ). thanks for joining my first party!!

  5. Very nice. It looks so happy and content! ;)


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