15 September 2010

A Friendly Reminder...

...to myself. 

{Image via bluebicicletta}

It's been one those last few days...you know the ones where you wake up in the middle of the night with a zillion thoughts racing through your head about everything you have on your plate and you think 'what the heck was I thinking taking all that on???'.  Do you know those days?  Things are going really well, but I have these moments of check where I have to stop and breathe and do nothing and recharge.  So that's what I'm doing...for a few minutes at least!

Do you ever feel that way?  How do you deal with those days?


  1. i feel that way sometimes too, i guess i just try to breath deeply & think about whats really important, and what can wait a bit.

    <3 gina

  2. I so needed this today....I feel like the last two week are so crazy and busy for me too...Thank you for that, my lovely...You dont even know how much I love this post!!!

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

  3. I'm totally going through that right now. Getting the gallery ready for upcoming shows, getting ready to go away and all the things in between. I think it's also partly the change in season for me... Things are getting busier and it takes a bit to adjust.

  4. I definitely had moments like that this summer but now that it's Fall, I think things will calm down. Time to curl up with a blanket and watch some returning tv shows.

  5. i'm having a very similar "there aren't enough hours in the day" type of week, which means i'm really savoring the few moments of down time i've gotten. recharging = essential.


    xo Alison

  6. I totally know that feeling.
    I just started following, I need inspiration for my new place

  7. Slow down, Yup...we all require reminders. At least I certainly do. Sometimes I get so revved up that the "on switch" blows a fuse, literally and figuratively. When that happens, my mind, body and spirit reacts rather than responds. When I go into reaction mode, I know I'm into overload, BIG TIME. That's when slow down literally has to come to a screetching halt until I am able to regroup, reflect, recharge, reassess and reprioritize what's really important. Usually that involves putting me back on the list, if that makes sense. Somewhere along the way, in being of service to others, and meeting deadlines, obligations and fulfilling expectations that have either been created by me or others, I have forgotten to be peaceful and still in between the beats.
    Nothing is more important than that, and a funny thing...when I remember to put me on the list, every other thing on the list does get done sooner or later. Ripley's believe it or not.

  8. I received this in an email the other day - the subject was "Just Slow Down A Little Bit":

    Just slow it down a little bit.
    Don’t rush through this life of yours. (It goes fast enough all on it's own.)
    There is just so much that shouldn't be missed.
    The really important stuff.
    Experience the gift that comes in bringing your pace down a notch or two.
    The world will survive without you running around like a mad woman checking things off your
    & the "take care of everyone" lists that rule your days.


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