13 September 2010

Fancy Fabric

Ooh ooh!  The fabric has arrived from Capetown (yes, I said that out loud in a sad attempt at a South African accent)...

A while back I ordered two half-metres of the most gorgeous fabric off Etsy from miss Skinny LaMinx.  I was gushing to my mom about it and she responded with a scrunched up face (as only a mother can) "Lenore, what on earth are you going to do with only a half-metre??"

Well momma, it just so happens that a half-metre is the absolute perfect size to recover a chair or a footstool.  And it just so happens that I just picked up these two treasures for a steal last week.

So now, I cannot wait to transform them into something really special with this fabric!

I'm on the fence about what colours to paint the base of the chairs.  Would you go solid white or try to match the blues?  Is distressing in order or does that take away from the true star - the material?

I'd love to know your thoughts and have a fantastic Monday evening!


  1. ooh that fabric is awesome! i actually think the chairs would be fun painted in an unexpected color, like red or yellow! if you want them to be more subtle and beachy, then i think the white would be pretty.

  2. I LOVE the fabric. I can see painting the "bird" chair to match the birds...are they ivory-coloured? I'm not sure about the antelope fabric. Mind you, whatever you do, they'll look great I'm sure!

  3. The fabric are FABULOUS! I can't wait to see what you do with the chairs! Before you even mentioned distressing, I was thinking those chairs would looks nice in a little distress with that fabric... But I know you will do something awesome!

  4. I would match the blue/green shades in the fabric, distress them, then dry brush white over the top :) Can't wait to see what you do with them!
    xx Karen

  5. Cassie read my mind! I immediately thought yellow would look great! The fabric is so pretty, I think it will look great no matter what!

  6. It's going to look gorgeous! Love all the clever suggestions your readers have come up with, and I'm dying to see the end result. xx Heather

  7. I love the fabrics and I would so match the colour...Ohh I am so excited. I cant wait to see it when its all finished and done:)

  8. i'm a white fan, personally. but yellow, or even a subtle grey could look nice?

  9. I am a huge fan of anything that heather does.....love her fabric, and can't wait to see it on your chairs!


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